At Shampooch Dog Grooming we are proud of the services we provide our valued customers.  We consider ourselves unique...  unlike most groomers we will have your furry friend in and out within 2 hours in most cases!  We want your dog to have a relaxing and comfortable experience at Shampooch!  




We also specialize in first time grooming for your new puppy!  Not sure where to bring your pride and joy for his/her first bath, or haircut?   Look no further!  Here at Shampooch we will pamper your pup like our own and they will come barking back for more!   



Senior dogs are also welcome!  We know it's inevitable that your best friend will eventually slow down requiring special care.  So rest assured...  they will get the patience, compassion and understanding they well deserve.



Tues 9-5

Wed 11-7

Thur 9-5

Fri 9-5

Sat 8-3



List of services that are included in your grooming package!




-Ear cleaning/hair plucking in some breeds

-Nail clipping



Additional services:



-soothing oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin $5

-flea/tick treatment $5

-de-skunking $5



Forms of payment accepted:

cash or personal check