Happy Mother's Day

Mothers love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

With Mothers day fast approaching, Shampooch sends a high “5” to all our mothers who bring in their furry kids to be buffed and fluffed.  We have to admit, it’s mostly the moms we see coming through the door with list in hand taking care of the daily chores.  And who but a mother wants everything clean.  So let us give you a helping hand!

Two things we want to mention.

The ticks are already reeking havoc, so make sure you check your animals frequently.  There are many products out there, so choose wisely.

We would like to think about starting a memorial page on our website.  It’s so hard loosing our little friends, and what better way than to show all our regular viewers how special they were to us.  We have no way of knowing about some—we just never see them again.  Will you share your thoughts?  info@shampoochdoggroomer.com   


The wait is over for our newest members for April

Zoey, Duncan, Minnie, CoCo, Lola, Precious, Bud, Suzie, Hero, Rocky, Murphy, Mocha, Tutz, Espresso, Ludwig, Alice, Bear and  Hirum.


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